From its origins in the USA in the 1950s, WIMA has grown into a worldwide association of women and motorcycles and embraces countries as far apart as Australia and New Zealand in the southern hemisphere to Sweden and Finland in the Arctic north, and from central Europe to Japan. See full list of the member countries from the National Groups page.

Ellen Pfeiffer awards

Ellen was one of the founders of WIMA in Europe in the year 1958. She was very active in motorcycle racing and competition. After 25 years of organizing the German WIMA Division, Ellen “retired” as an active captain. The Ellen Pfeiffer Award was established to honor WIMA members for their outstanding contributions to WIMA, women and motorcycling.

Read more about the award here.

Why is WIMA for you?

  • you’ve been riding bikes for years?
  • you’re learning to ride?
  • you like racing/touring/off road riding?
  • you ride pillion?
  • you think you’re the only woman out there on a bike?

What do you get?

  • membership of a worldwide organisation
  • annual international rallies
  • national & local events – open to visiting members
  • a network of friends around the world

Join your national group!

New members are invited through national groups.

If there aren’t a national group available, why not to establish new group? If you decided to establish a new WIMA national group, please find WIMA constitution here.