WIMA International officers and committee

The duties of each of the WIMA Officers are explained in the document found
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Personal presentations

President Åsa Öhqvist flag of Sweden

Åsa Öhqvist

I’ve been a member of WIMA since 2004, when I attended WIMA Sweden’s Autumn meeting and got hooked by the warm welcome I got and the prospect of attending an international rally the following year in New Zealand. I remember eating porridge every day for the remaining days until the rally, just to save up the money so I could afford to go! Since then, the WIMA rallies have become an addiction and there are many things I can go without to be able to attend. Most summers since then have been centred around the WIMA rally and my route riding there. I love loading up my motorbike and heading out, following a roughly planned route which eventually will take me to the rally. Since I’ve always lived in the corners of Europe: Sweden, Spain and England,
the ride to the rally has always been rather long but a 2-3000 km journey is all the more enjoyable taking my time riding the small roads across Europe knowing that in a week or so I will meet my lovely WIMA friends. As for the 2-3000km back? That’s just an opportunity for more riding and discovering even more roads to enjoy! For rallies outside Europe, New Zealand, Japan and
Australia, I have flown in and rented a bike. And on the one occasion I couldn’t ride, I came anyway. As other members who have done the same would agree: the most important thing is to meet up with sister riders from near and far.

My first acquaintance with motorbikes was in my early twenties as an uneasy pillion and I quickly advanced onto my own bike and have been riding ever since. I love riding so much that I left Sweden about 10 years ago to live in Spain – simply because here I can ride all year long! My biking background is Ducati, I’ve owned three Ducati Monsters, 600, 620 and 695,
consecutively and I loved them all. When medical issues made long distance riding difficult, I could only see one solution… switch to a different bike! My extensive riding, in combination with long legs, had resulted in some nerve damage but rather than compromise and reduce the amount of riding, I bought a Kawasaki Versys 650. It’s a fantastic bike for long distance riding
and it can take lots of luggage or a pillion comfortably — it’s simply made for travelling. My Versys was even my home for 4 months in the summer of 2016 while I travelled around Europe! However, WIMA isn’t about km or cc, it’s about female riders and that’s central to me. It’s why I joined.

WIMA is a fantastic organisation for networking and connecting with female riders all over the world. Because of WIMA, I have made wonderful friends from across the world. I welcome all women bikers, regardless of the size of your bike, your riding experience or your budget – join our international sisterhood and stay connected with female bikers worldwide!

Åsa Öhqvist
WIMA International President
July 2017


Vice-President Zara Strange flag of United Kingdom

IZara Strange

My name is Zara Strange, I live in Scotland and have been a member of WIMAGB since 2008, having read an article written in
Ladybiker magazine by the then National President, Tyne Henney.

I leaned to ride in 2006, at the age of 52, as a way to avoid the delays caused by rush hour traffic in Aberdeen. I quickly discovered that motorcycle riding is a gateway to new adventures and friendships.

My first GB national event was an Easter Weekend in 2009 followed by national rallies and events in England and Scotland. My first international rally was at Markello in Netherlands in 2010. Since then I have attended rallies in Austria, Hungary, Sweden & Estonia plus in 2017, a weekend hosted by WIMA France.

I have also ridden down to and around Portugal and Spain several times. This year I rode back from the Estonia rally through Russia and Finland, spending 2 nights in Saint Petersburg.

My paid and voluntary work over the past 30 years has been in the world of support for victims and witnesses of crime, the law, protection of children and young people and the promotion of equality issues.

My work and my biking have shaped me to be the woman I am today, hopefully these experiences and skills will support and guide me as your International Vice President.


Public Relations Israt Khan Mojlish flag of Bangladesh

Israt Khan Mojlish

Hello Ladies! I am Israt Khan Mojlish, a computer engineer, a proud mother of one son, founder Of BWRC, NP of WIMA Bangladesh and an activist of women rights.

I find that every time I straddle my motorcycle and fire up the engine, there’s more for me to learn. Every person I meet has something to teach me, every horizon is a new gift of beauty, every morning another opportunity to love someone. I want to live my life experiencing, not existing.

I fell in Love with WIMA in 2016. I like the fact that, we are a group of women riders who have the same spirit of freedom and personal independence, even though we are from different countries, the soul of the motorcycle empowers us.

I want to to build our network to reach more countries to expand WIMA and convey our message of sisterhood.

I have dedicated myself to serve WIMA. MY Dream is to see WIMA the most popular organization of Women Motorcyclists. I hope we are not so far from that dream.

Be safe & ride on!

Thank you

Israt Khan Mojlish


Merchandise Officer Chris-Maria Baumer flag of Austria

Chris-Maria Baumer

Hi fellow WIMA’s,
Since 2014, I am a WIMA Austria member and I fell in love with the WIMA atmosphere immediately. Until then I rode solo, or together with male groups and I really appreciate the different riding motto. Has it been: “Lets get there, as fast as possible” , its now: “OK, lets have fun, and enjoy the moment”

I enjoy it so much to get in touch with other national divisions at Rallies and meetings. Therefore I am determined to full fill the role as merchandising Officer to the best of my knowledge and I am proud to bring in my former experience in this role for WIMA International. I hope to meet you on one of the next Rallies, as always: In good spirit!

Chris Baumer aka Versya


Treasurer Maris Varik flag of Estonia

Maris Varik

I joined WIMA Estonia in 2009, having done my A category licence in 2008. WIMA ladies in Estonia are a tight group of very different individuals with various backgrounds and occupations. Our approach is being active in organising happenings and events or visiting the events of other clubs. Regardless that we cannot ride in the winter there is no fear there will be no events to go to or nothing to do. We get a lot of invitations to events and are regularly engaged with our charity project or we just hang around together.

My first WIMA International Rally was in Poland in 2014, then Australia, Hungary and naturally Estonia. It was quite as task to organise an International Rally, but a lot of fun also. I love the atmosphere of these Rallies and visit these as often as I can.

My first motorcycle was a Moto Guzzi, after that I have had Harley Davidson different models. I have travelled by bike in the neighbouring countries, Scandinavia and in many countries of Europe, the farthest destination being Croatia. Although small, Estonia offers also a lot in summer and my favourite pastime is to ride in our beautiful small roads of countryside, visiting events or friends.


Historian Pirjo Kivimäki flag of Finland

Pirjo Kivimäki

Hello everybody,
I have been WIMA Finland member since 1999 and riding my motorbike about 20 years. Annually I ride between 10 – 20 000 km, mainly around Europe.
I attended at all WIMA Rallies in Europe since 2004 Borculo, Netherlands and Japan Rally in 2010.
I fell in love to the atmosphere of WIMA World immediately at the first touch.
I have been as a Vice President at WIMA Finland government during 2007 and 2008, member of organisation team of the International WIMA rally 2008 and again as a Vice President at the WIMA Finland government from the year 2011.
I am living at south of Finland but I am spending lot of my time at Germany.
I am proud of to do International Historian work for WIMA.

Looking forward seeing you at WIMA Rally.

With best regards
Pirjo Kivimäki
WIMA International Historian



Webmaster Karin Willers flag of Germany

Karin Willers

I have been a WIMA member since 2001, which was also the year I was at my first WIMA, namely the WIMA in Andalusia. Since then, I attended most of the WIMA meetings in the last years. Currently I drive a BMW R 1200 GS, riding between 8000 to 10000 km per year.
I always try to combine a WIMA rally with a longer vacation, on the motorbike of course! The most memorable WIMA rallies of the last years were the WIMA in England 2011 where we performed a round trip thru Scotland and the WIMA in Sweden 2015 which was our starting point for a tour to the North Cape.
A WIMA rally is always a good occasion to meet old friends and to enjoy a week in a new country in the community of women, which share the same spirit.