Pioneer Women

Ellen Pfeiffer

Ellen was one of the founders of WIMA in Europe in the year 1958.

Ellen PfeifferShe was very active in motorcycle racing and competition. The early WIMA Meetings in Germany, therefore, were always held in locations near racing circuits such as the “Nürburgring” or the “Hockenheimring”. Accordingly, the focus of the subsequent annual Rallies was about serious competitive racing.

Being fast was always Ellen's intent and what gave her most pleasure. She competed successfully in endurance and long distance events on her own motorcycle, a Honda “Horex”, and on several BMWs in later years.

After 25 years of organising the German WIMA Division, Ellen "retired" as an active captain, but kept her dignity like the "Queen Mum". She concentrated on being "Ellen"; that meant riding to almost every WIMA event no matter how far the venue was (last, but not least, she took part in the well-known WIMA trip to launch WIMA Japan in 1996). She told about those “real” motorcycle stories, her experience during the years and about the countries she explored on her motorcycle, salvaging, now and then, some young women`s big bikes from difficult alpine places and being most of the time faster than any other woman, in her very charming way.

Ellen PfeifferHer speed became a legend, as did her technical expertise, which was as basic as her 25 years old BMW. But… it was always enough to be fast.

Ellen died at the age of 69 on 3rd of March 2001. She was a First Class Female Biker... a WIMA Lady to the last.