WIMA International officers and committee

The duties of each of the WIMA Officers are explained in the document found here. (PDF file, 123.0KB)

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Personal presentations

President Claudia Fehrer flag of Germany

Claudia Fehrer

Hello everybody!

My name is Claudia Fehrer, born to be wild, riding my bike, but no..., not since 2nd of August 1973,...but whenever I like! Currently living and working as an architect in Nuremberg, Germany, I spend almost all my spare time riding my motorbike or having a stay in my second home in Finland.

I luckily could start my motorcycling "career" already with the age of 16. I began with a scooter, a beautiful nostalgic VESPA PX 80. Reaching the age of 18, it was my biggest wish to do the driving licences for motorbikes – well, you know, those big, those "real ones". 1996, saving all my money of the past years, I afforded buying my first own bike, a 15 years old Yamaha XJ 650ccm. Those years between, I drove whatever I could "catch". Finally, in 2001, I bought my Honda Africa Twin with 750ccm. Time flies, and nowadays, almost 12 years later, this bike is still with me, like a good friend. Travelling long or short distances and discovering near or far areas. I feel freedom with the wind in my face.

How it went with WIMA on my life… First time getting in touch with WIMA was in the year 2002. I was attending at WIMA Rally in Czech Republic. It was an amazing event, I will never forget. Being deeply impressed and fascinated I tried to participate at almost all Rallies of the following years (only could not make it to Dorset, GB in 2003 and New Zealand in 2005).

2005, during the WIMA Rally in Sweden, I had been asked if I could imagine to provide my ideas to WIMA. During the Rally in Switzerland, one year later, I had been requested seriously to prepare my application for the WIMA International Treasurer position. So I did. In 2007 I had been elected whilst the Rally in Germany. Four years later, during Rally in Great Britain, I had been nominated and elected at the President` s Meeting to take over WIMA International Vice Presidency. In 2012, exact 10 years after I got first time in touch with WIMA, I had been nominated and elected to take over WIMA International Presidency.

I would like to use this chance right now, to thank everybody for all your trust in me and my work. I am still standing for what I promised in 2007: To do my very best for this awesome Institution. It is a great honour working together with Women from all around the globe to keep the Spirit of WIMA, with its tradition of more than 60 years.

Women International Motorcycling Association offers Women all over the world a social network, sharing and enjoying interest and experience in motorcycling. Having plenty of fun while meeting, sitting by the fire place, listening and talking, laughing, singing, dancing...just enjoying and feeling the Spirit of WIMA! All this means so much for me.

But...WIMA is nothing without YOU! Take your chance and become part of WIMA!
Look at www.wimaworld.com to get more information and don`t hesitate to make a contact.

All time save ride, hope meeting YOU, maybe at one of our next WIMA Rallies!


Claudia Fehrer
WIMA International President
November 2012

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Vice-President Åsa Öhqvist flag of Sweden

Åsa Öhqvist

Dear all! I started riding a motorbike at university. First as a pillion, with my boyfriend at the time, but after a year, I wanted my own bike. So, I trained for the licence and bought a second hand Ducati 600 Monster. I still miss that bike sometimes; it was such a beauty. Well, this is a long time ago now, time flies when having fun as we say. After riding Ducati for many years I got a Kawasaki 650 Versys, this would not only allow me to carry enormous amounts of luggage, like when I moved from Spain, but the Versys also has a comfy pillion seat for my partner. We’ll see what bike the future brings; we are currently looking for a little sister for the Versys since my partner wants to train for the licence.

WIMA is an important part of my life and has been for a long time. I became a member in 2004 and took part in my first international rally in 2005, in Sweden. Many rallies followed and they have all been a unique and wonderful experience with great cultural exchange which has given me friends all over the world. I usually make the rally a part of my holiday and therefore I never have any problems deciding where to go, if I just steer my bike towards the rally site, in a few days or a week I will be among friends. I hope to meet you at our next international rally!

Åsa Öhqvist
WIMA International Vice President
December 2015

Treasurer Elisabeth (Lili) Bernhard flag of Austria

Elisabeth (Lili) Bernhard

It was the year 2006 when I joined the austrian division of WIMA. In 2005 I started riding the motorcycle, about 10 years after doing the driving license. I love cruising through the city traffic, without any problem to find a parking space and whenever I have the chance to ride outside the big cities I just enjoy this great feeling of being a motorcyclist.

The big thing about WIMA ist that it is a really huge familiy – of course you will never know everybody, but you can always be sure that if you need somebodys help, there will be some WIMA-members to help you, even if they don't know you. Luckily we don't have many troubles during the WIMA rallies, so the main thing at the WIMA rally is about meeting friends, talking, making fun and going for a ride with friends from different divisions. Now I have the great honour to be one of WIMA International officers an I would like to say thanks to everybody for my election at WIMA rally 2013 in Switzerland.

Public Relations Maura Raniecka flag of Poland

Maura Raniecka

Hello Biker Ladies :)

I'm a busy woman born in 77, have three children and demanding work. Fortunately, I still have a time to ride on my motorbike. I'm riding since 2002, not that long as many of ladies associated in WIMA. Do you believe that Liv from Australia who is already 70 is still riding? In the future I do really want to keep the same passion as she has and also be in that great condition as she is so I can still ride on my motorbike !

I always liked motorbikes and I was dreaming that one day I'll be able to ride on my own bike. This dream came true and I feel like I'm free when I'm on the motorbike. No matter what, do not trust people that says it is too late to start riding - you can start whenever you want :)

I'm proud that I can be a part of WIMA and I'm trying to inform every single lady about our organization. Want to encourage all the girls around the world to start their freedom on motorbike - two wheels that can take you wherever you want. Please join our WIMA World association, let's expand together so we can meet new friends, enjoy riding around the world and finally meet on a fantastic WIMA Rallies!

See you on the road!
Maura Raniecka
WIMA International PR Officer

Merchandise Birgit Schremser flag of Austria

Birgit Schremser

My first bike was a scooter taking me to work 30 kilometres from my home every day in every weather. In the middle of my thirties I changed my life and so I organised my first real bike … a small chopper. And then it took another nearly ten years I had the great pleasure to meet the WIMA members in Austria. After the Bavarian-organised WIMA meeting in Italy in 2009 I had the need to do my driving license to be part of this great WIMA family. After leaving Italy it only took 2 weeks I had my license and my Kawasaki ER5. Now there are 13 motorcycles in our garage and not enough time for all of them. In 2014 at the WIMA International Rally in Poland I was asked if I could be the merchandise officer, and I had the great honour to be elected by all WIMA national presidents. I am looking forward to see you at WIMA International Rally ☺

Birgit Schremser
WIMA International Merchandise Officer

Historian Pirjo Kivimäki flag of Finland

Pirjo Kivimäki

Hello everybody,
I have been WIMA Finland member since 1999 and riding my motorbike about 20 years. Annually I ride between 10 - 20 000 km, mainly around Europe.
I attended at all WIMA Rallies in Europe since 2004 Borculo, Netherlands and Japan Rally in 2010.
I fell in love to the atmosphere of WIMA World immediately at the first touch.
I have been as a Vice President at WIMA Finland government during 2007 and 2008, member of organisation team of the International WIMA rally 2008 and again as a Vice President at the WIMA Finland government from the year 2011.
I am living at south of Finland but I am spending lot of my time at Germany.
I am proud of to do International Historian work for WIMA.

Looking forward seeing you at WIMA Rally.

With best regards
Pirjo Kivimäki
WIMA International Historian

Webmaster Karin Willers flag of Germany

Karin Willers

I have been a WIMA member since 2001, which was also the year I was at my first WIMA, namely the WIMA in Andalusia. Since then, I attended most of the WIMA meetings in the last years. Currently I drive a BMW R 1200 GS, riding between 8000 to 10000 km per year.
I always try to combine a WIMA rally with a longer vacation, on the motorbike of course! The most memorable WIMA rallies of the last years were the WIMA in England 2011 where we performed a round trip thru Scotland and the WIMA in Sweden 2015 which was our starting point for a tour to the North Cape.
A WIMA rally is always a good occasion to meet old friends and to enjoy a week in a new country in the community of women, which share the same spirit.

Karin Willers
WIMA Webmaster