Messages from the President


Dear WIMA friends and fellow bikers,
Here in the northern hemisphere, many have stored their bikes away, or are limited to shorter rides since days are shorter and nights are cold. This, of course, happens at the same time as the southern hemisphere enjoys summer and celebrates Christmas and New Year with barbeques or parties on the beach. One of my best New Year’s celebrations was back in 2005 when I was travelling in Australia and was hosted by Aussie WIMA members and joined them for a beach party at the surf club – for me to celebrate the turning of the year in shorts was amazing! For me, the people I meet through WIMA and the international activities that I’ve been able to take part in, at WIMA rallies but also spontaneous meet ups and online interactions, are what I value most from our organisation. The use of Facebook as a communication channel can bring us closer and I encourage all members to use our WIMA World Facebook group to share your activities: rides, mechanical issues, travel plans, asking for advice… it can be anything. If you’re not comfortable writing in English, write in your native language, Facebook can translate for us.

Back in the days when I lived in Sweden, winter was the time for tinkering with my bike and making plans for the next summer and where I would travel. Nowadays, I ride all year around, Spain has quite mild winters, but I still use the winters for planning my summers, perhaps out of habit. For this upcoming summer, I have quite a lot I would like to fit in my schedule. FIM has their annual rally the week before us, in Lithuania, which is practically next door to Finland. So, if I manage to complete my logistics puzzle, I will be there representing WIMA and I would be delighted if other WIMA women could join me there. If you think it sounds interesting, please contact me directly and we can chat about it.

But I’m getting ahead of myself, summer is still far away – we start the new year with an invitation from Vidhi, President of WIMA India. On the 7th of January we are all invited to ride with WIMA India in support of disabled people, or superhumans as they prefer to call them. Everyone who wants to take part can do so in their own location and post photos using the hashtags #BiggestSocialLive #NoLabels #NoLimits #WimaGlobal #WimaIndia (Replace India with the name of your team). This is likely to be my very first event for 2018. If you want to know more you can contact Vidhi directly by e-mail of Facebook.

I’ll end here, wishing you a Happy New Year full of riding and whatever else your heart desires! I hope to see you on the road or on social media.

Best wishes,

Åsa Öhqvist, International President of WIMA



Dear WIMA friends and female riders worldwide!

I’m privileged to have been given the trust to represent WIMA on an international level and my warmest thanks go to Claudia Fehrer for her many years of of service, firstly by serving four years as treasurer, followed by one year as vice-president and lastly five years as international president. Thank you Claudia for your great contribution to our organisation!
Many new divisions have joined our international sisterhood during the last 10 years and WIMA currently has 25 divisions. I have had the joy of working with a few of these new divisions myself during my time as vice-president. Working together with our members and connecting female riders all over the world by spreading the good word of WIMA sisterhood is simply amazing. Connecting and supporting female riders worldwide has been the main goal of WIMA since the organisation started in the US more than 60 years ago and it is with great joy I continue doing so as international president.

Åsa Öhqvist, International President of WIMA
July 2017