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Introductions of the groups



Moira Stewart – National President WIMA Australia

WIMA Australia was there at the beginning - Hazel Mayes of Sydney was invited by founder Louise Sherbyn to become the first international member of WIMA. Hazel owned a BSA but was well known in central Sydney as the pilot of the Harley "buntruck" provided by her employer. Very little is known about WIMA from the mid-fifties until it seems to have faded away in the late sixties or early seventies. In 1985 WIMA Australia was reborn in Adelaide under the leadership of Linda Bootherstone. Now in 2003, WIMA Australia has 320 members. The National National President and Committee are elected at the Annual Rally. Responsibility for the national organisation and newsletter moves to a new state every second year. All states have an active local network which can include meetings, rides, track and training days, advertised in state newsletters. Membership subscriptions are paid to the national body, but 25% is sent back to the state groups to help organise local activities. The WIMA Worldwide 2000 rally, celebrating the 50th birthday of WIMA was held at Kiama south of Sydney in April at which Hazel Mayes was an honoured guest.

International Rallies in Australia: 2000 Kiama [ 50th Anniversary Rally - Southern hemisphere ]




Jane Spiegel – National President WIMA Austria

The first rally held in Austria was in 1969. WIMA Austria was re-founded in 1996, though a very successful International Rally was held here in 1993. In 2012 the International Rallye was held in Reingers in Austria. There are now 10 members who meet monthly and organise trips and trials training.

International Rallies in Austria: 2012 Reingers, 1999 Tyrol, 1993 Obervellach (organised from Germany), 1969 Ampflwang



Trui Hanoulle – National President WIMA/BAM Belgium

Founded in 1992 by four women bikers as the "Belgian Amazon Motorclub" (BAM), as a result of the first women only run ever held in Belgium. Since then the club has had between 25-100 members and currently has 31 dispersed all over Belgium. BAM connected to the international motorbike scene via the Dutch WIMA's and became WIMA/BAM in February 1997. WIMA/BAM also organised and hosted the first international WIMA exhibition stand at FEMA in August 97 in Belgium. They organised an annual Amazone Run each year in June, later embedded in an International Amazone Weekend. Now they focus more on rides in all parts of the country as to meet the wishes of their members, on weekends and on motorbike courses of all types, either with official instructors or self-organised by their best riders, as to improve the soneeded safety in the increasingly hectic traffic situations in Belgium, to improve rider's and mechanical skills of all, and last but not least: to increase the fun-factor! All members actively encourage, help and inform women they meet to take to the handle bars themselves, resulting in new enthousiastic members each year. Quite a few of their members travel extensively by bike either inside or outside Europe.




Chinka (Signalda) Olario – National President WIMA Curaçao 

WIMA Curaçao was founded December 2011 and consists of a small group of very enthusiastic female motorcyclists. We are 'the lucky ones', being able to ride from beach to beach throughout the year, living in a tropical climate on the small island of Curaçao. In the rainy period we prefer to leave our motorcycles at home, because the roads can get rather slippery. Most of the time however, the sun is shining and we need to put on sun-lotion or ride in the early morning of late afternoon not to get a sunburn! Luckily there's usually plenty of wind, so that we do not melt when standing still. In fact, we prefer to ride in jeans and a shirt, so no Gore-Tex for us! We do wear helmets on Curaçao ☺.

Quite a few women are members of the local group Easy Riders, through which most of us have met. We are also in touch with women from other Caribbean islands, but because Curaçao has been independent since 10 October 2010 we have decided to be: 'WIMA-Curaçao'.





Anneli Pille – National President WIMA Estonia

WIMA Estonia has at the moment 15 active members and several candidates. Division was officially registered on year 2000 in Tallinn, Estonia. They have a regular WIMA meeting once a month all year round and attending major bikers event all around the year. For 3 year WIMA Estonia has organized season opening event for members and their friends. Every year they have a get-together with Finnish LBC/WIMA when it comes over for a visit. WIMA Estonia is actively involved in the organisation of bigger motorcycling events in Estonia like Jogevatreff (an annual international motorcycle rally). WIMA Estonia members were also in the organizer team of the FIM Moto Camp 2001 and FIM Rally 2005. Visit to find out more.


FINLANDNational President Finland


Pirjo Kivimäki – National President LBC Ladies Bike Club / WIMA Finland ry

The "Ladies Bike Club" in Finland started in May 93 and they joined WIMA in 1997. Today the club is known as Ladies Bike Club - WIMA Finland and it has about 400 members. Every year they have the opening Rally of the motorcycling season in May, the get-together Rally in June and the end-of-the-season Rally in September. In addition to these big events many smaller happenings are organized all around Finland. Though the summer time is short in Finland, the summer days are long and light to ride. WIMA Finland hosted the 50th Anniversary International Rally in August 2000. In 2008 WIMA Finland hosted the 50th Anniversary European Rally in Ristiina.

International Rallies in Finland: 2008 Ristiina/Historic Saimaa [ 50th European Rally ], 2000 Iisalmi [ 50th Anniversary Rally - Northern hemisphere ], 1973 Pihtipudas




Sophie Vignon – National President WIMA France

Started by Agnes Acker in the fifties, French WIMA first hosted an International Rally in 1970. Chantal and family organized the last French Rally in 1990.

International Rallies in France: 1990 Saint Pierre, 1977 Meribel-les-Allues, 1974 La Petite Pierre, 1970 Col de Croix.




Verena Reindl – National President WIMA Germany

A WIMA presence was established in Germany around 1952 and was led for many years by Ellen Pfeiffer, who organised the first International Rally in Germany in 1959 on the Nürburgring. Floh Petit was officially elected as German National President in 1997, many years looking after Germany. In 2002 Floh stepped down and the idea of a Wima Team was born. Since then there is the WTM (Wima Team Munich) doing the job. There are now approximately 200 active German WIMA members. Many of them are also members of WOW (Women on Wheels) or Hexenring with whom WIMA has friendly links. Germany organized the 1999 Rally in Tirol, Austria, the 2007 Rally in Plothen, Germany, and 2009 Rally in ITALY.

At the WIMA Team Germany we have a change. Vroni, our money mistress for 9 years, left us at the end of 2009. We found 2 other women from Berlin (Pi Lanka and Sonja Schneider). They want to do the job from now on - together with me.

International Rallies in Germany: 2007 Thuringen, 1992 Berlin, 1986 Vogelsberg, 1981 Buseck-Oppenrod, 1971 Kassel, 1968 Drees, 1965 Oberreifenberg, 1964 An dar Wasserkuppe, 1961 Nurburgring, 1959 Nurburgring




Val Newman – National President WIMA Great Britain

Started in the early 1950s (date unknown) and first Rally (8 attendees!) was in 1956. Currently around 150 members. Last International Rally in the UK was in 2011 at Lancaster. GB has a lively monthly newsletter, annual rallies, track days, off-road days, exhibition stands at most major motorcycle shows around the country and load of local events throughout the year.

International Rallies in Great Britain: 2011 Lancaster, 2003 Dorset, 1994 Usk/Wales, 1987 Ashbourne, 1982 Fort William/Scotland, 1978 Llanfelte Farm/Wales, 1990 Wiltshire [ 40th Anniversary rally ]




Emese Melicher – National President WIMA Hungary

The team of Motorcyclist Hearts was established in 2008 with the initiation of few biker girls. Our aim is to bring together more and more biker ladies in a friendly group of people. The original 15-20 people grew up to 60 registered users in the forum but we have more than 200 Members on Facebook and IWIW Hungarian community pages. We keep our visitors well informed on the website regarding accessories, clothing, news and events and you can also find our wide picture gallery. In our Forum we discuss what is useful, interesting from all points of view besides touring, racing and safety and of course getting to know each other with new members. Beside many of the motorcyclist event our future plans include a lot of similar tour to all over the Country where the country side Team members are more than welcomed. Especially those who just got their license we deeply recommend the ride tours to get experience and the opportunity to try the Hungaroring field with exclusively Women in safety condition. We are very proud of our 10 Members who became racers from Motorcyclist Hearts and achieved nice records at foremost conducted Dunlop Trophy Lady's cup. The amazing inspiration bears fruit and in addition they performed fine results also at Jura Racing, Alpe-Adria and GSX-R cup so they are in a fair way to succeed. The Races from another aspect we also have 4 educated Flag Marshal who are controlling and supervising the smooth transaction of laps including practice days. We are in a good relation with other clubs in Hungary also and the plan is of course to involve them too, if we can establish Wima-Hungary. They are collecting more of the chopper side bikers, scooters and all others.We represent ourselves every year on Motorbike Exhibitions and different kind of events. Including races, open days, we have good connection with a lot of bike stores; we do motorbike tours together, Safety drive training, Charity collection, processions and International Female ride day. So our common target is to raise our situation to a higher international level and be able to do more for the community.

"Wide road, rubber trees"



Gauri Lokare – National President WIMA India - The Bikerni

WIMA - India constitutes India's budding female motorcycle riders and enthusiasts and provides a platform for women to come together and celebrate and the joy, passion and spirit of motorcycling. Founded in 2011, the fleet of women bikers has evolved into an association in order to facilitate a connection among lady bikers from all over the country. The biking community and motorcycling industry in India and abroad has received the small and rapidly increasing organization with clamoring enthusiasm and interest. The organization is home to some of the leading women in the Indian motorcycling scenario and takes immense pride in the achievements of its members. Currently, the organization is home to India's only female biking club, 'Bikerni' which was formed by a bunch of enthusiastic ladies and WIMA - India takes immense pride in closely monitoring the achievements and extending its support to foster the development of this indigenous club. With more time and exposure, WIMA - India aims to house many such female oriented biking clubs under its wings in order to provide the needed exposure and competitive environment. WIMA - India is open for registrations to any individual female biker and biker clubs, which have been formed and are functional in India. Through WIMA - World, we aim to spearhead a new chapter in the history of motorcycling in India and provide an international platform for Indian women riders to showcase their talents and passion across the globe.


JAPANNational President Japan


Keiko Osawa – National President WIMA Japan

WIMA Japan launched April 1996 during international WIMA visit to Japan. Currently there are about 50 members. It is one of several women's bike clubs but the only international one in Japan, and many members now regularly travel to Europe for the WIMA International Rallies. They hold spring and autumn meetings often in the Japan Alps. WIMA Japan also held an International Rally successfully for the first time near Mt. Fuji in 2010. There are quarterly newsletters. WIMA Japan would love to hear from anybody, who would like to contact us.

International Rallies in Japan: 2010 Fujinomiya-city/Shizuoka, 1996 Izu.


South Korea flagKOREA

Judy Kim – National President WIMA Korea

Korea is one of the leading countries in Asia located next to Japan. Korea is well known for its culture, art, sports, and etc. to the foreigners in the world as well as a touring place. Mountains, beaches, rivers, and fields are well mixed and four seasons are also very well divided in Korea. Korea is a country that has beautiful nature. It's possible to enjoy the nature in different tastes due to the various seasons. There are clean and curved highways throughout the country which enable the riders to enjoy the riding. I've been waiting for the approval of the establishment of WIMA Korea from WIMA World. I've heard of WIMA with detail description from Sheonagh and Pat who were visiting Korea on bike in 2010. After hearing about WIMA, I made up my mind to establish WIMA in Korea. I collected a few members who were willing to participate in what I was trying to do and I sent the inquiry to WIMA World about establishing WIMA Korea. There are over 25,000 riders who ride for the leisure or hobby and approximately 300 of them are females. There have been a big increase in the number of bikers from a few years ago including female riders. However, I felt that it was very unfortunate for the female riders in Korea because there were no organizations for such riders in Korea as opposed to the number of the riders. WIMA Korea can be that organization for female riders that can provide the needs and this will also enhance the reputation to get better towards the female riders and the riders as a whole. Now we have about 100 members (70: local activity, 30: international activity) in Korea division. And 5 of them are the staffs.


Malaysia flag MALAYSIA

Nor Zaida York – National President WIMA Malaysia

There are over 108,000 riders who ride for the leisure or hobby and approximately about 3800 more female riders on scooters and moppets. 380 female riders on big cc bikes all over the state in Peninsular Malaysia and East Malaysia.

There has been a big increase in number of bikers from a few years ago including female riders. Most of the women rider joint their own club, association in Malaysia biking along with the male rides here. Their passion for riding involved them in various style of riding mode such as circuit rides, charity rides, marshaling courses, group for leisure rides, off road rides, free style rides, overland rides and extreme adventurous rides.

However, we felt that it was very unfortunate for the female riders in Malaysia because there's no specific establishment organization for female riders in Malaysia as opposed to the number of the riders. The reason why we having WIMA Malaysia, it's to provide any information and guide lines related in motorcycles field.

In future ahead we are embrace to organize motorcycles clinic such as Advance Riding Clinic, Basic Motorcycles Engine's Clinic, Motorcycles Racing Clinic and lots more coming up for female motorcyclist new comer. Which involve all pioneer experience female riders.

We would like to share our tips, an information and exchange our experience regards to riding and the culture with our WIMA International Riders around the World and Asian countries. We also make an invitation to our female riders neighboring countries form Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei, Philippines and Thailand to take part as WIMA, National Division in their own countries.

We WIMA Malaysia would like to propose to Madam President of WIMA World, to have such event as WIMA Asia Rally for the members of surrounding Asian Countries. In the event we look far ahead to give our very best contribution in motorcycles field as a WIMA Malaysia to our follower riders. Now currently we have over 60 members in WIMA Malaysia on National Division and they are 12 of us as committee members.


Netherlands flag NETHERLANDSNational President Netherlands


Bernadette Hanekamp – National President WIMA The Netherlands

Dutch WIMA started in 1981 and has approximately 70 members. We have organised several International Rallies. Throughout the year all sorts of local activities are organised by the members at home. We call them TB, in Dutch "thuisbijeenkomsten". In English: Home meetings. In spring and autumn WIMA NL organizes WIMA-weekends. These weekends take place in Holland or in a neighbour country, like Germany or Belgium. In wintertime we organise a WIMA WINTER WEEKEND, we try to let it take place in a different region every year.This is a very big success.

We have an annual meeting once a year in March. There is a group of very active and enthusiastic members, who visit the several activities. The newsletter is published 4 times a year. The website is updated frequently. And members do get their information through mail. International WIMA members are warmly welcome to attend activities. Information will be given on the Agenda. You can mail to info[at]wimanederland[dot]nl. WIMA NL organized the International Rally in August 2004 and in 2010 in Markelo.

International Rallies in Netherlands: 2010 Markelo (European Meeting), 2004 Borculo, 1997 Heythuysen, 1989 Eiland van Maurik, 1983 Spaarnwoude, 1966 Aalst, 1963 Scheveningen, 1960 Scheveningen, 1958 Scheveningen




Carol Spaulding – National President WIMA New Zealand

WIMA Australasian Division was run from Rotorua in the 50's. WIMA NZ in its current form started in 1984. Each member keeps her number for life, so there are about 500 members, about 100 or so of which are currently paid-up members. New Zealand (Aoteoroa) consists of three Island the North the south and Stewart Island we also have small islands off all our coasts. We have members on both islands but more in the North Island currently the majority of members are in Auckland but Wellington (capital city) still has a very active branch. Annual rally is held in November and is open to all motorcyclists. New Zealand organised the International rally in 2005 and it was held in the beautiful Lake Taupo area...

International Rallies in New Zealand: 2005 Lake Taupo area


 POLANDNational President Poland


Maura Raniecka
Phone +48 601 20 55 94
Mail: maura_r (at) yahoo (dot) com

WIMA Poland was officially approved by National Presidents during WIMA Japan Rally, on 29th of April 2010. There's ten of us for the end of 2010 but we hope to grow up soon!

Our main goal was and always be - just ride. We do believe that riding across our own country and whole world is the best thing that we can do in order to see new places, meet new girls and share our passion with them. It makes us happy and we really enjoy it.


  SWEDENNational President Sweden


Carola Palmqvist – National President WIMA Sweden

WIMA Sweden started around 1960 and has 200 members. They have organised several international rallies, including 1995. They hold spring and autumn meetings and publish a quarterly newsletter. Most members live around Stockholm, in the South of Sweden and around Gothenburg. They organised the international WIMA Rally in 2005, in Southern Sweden.

International Rallies in Sweden: 2005 Skåne, 1995 Morokulien, 1985 Galo, 1975 Omberg




Isabelle Schmid Burgmeier – National President WIMA Switzerland

Founded in 1978, WIMA Switzerland now has 72 members and has organised several International Rallies.

International Rallies in Switzerland: 2006 Hoch Ybring, 1998 Les Tuileries-de-Grandson, 1991 Steinen, 1984 Morbio-Superiore, 1980 Bumbach, 1976 Yverdon



Website: WIMA USA facebook-page

Sylvia Salenius – National President WIMA USA

WIMA was originally founded in America by Louise Scherbyn in 1950, however, the USA division faded from existence in the `70s. WIMA USA, revived in 2003, now has over 100 members across the country. For more information about WIMA USA visit our facebook-page.

International Rallies in USA: 2009 Keystone, Colorado, 1970 New York [ 20th Anniversary celebration ]