German flag The Report regarding WIMA History had been published lately on a German Motorcycle Magazine called "Top Speed" in 07/2012. It was an Interview with Brigitte Döhler taken by Jürgen Kießlich. Brigitte Döhler is a long term WIMA Member of WIMA Germany, she lived in the former DDR those years and her first WIMA Rally, she was attending was in 1967. Claudia Fehrer had the honour to meet her at the WIMA Germany National Meeting on September 2012. There Ms Döhler left a report to be published on the Wimaworld website.

Report is found here.

Historic photos

WIMA International got donation of huge at least 5 kilos box of full of wonderful original photos and booklets from WIMA events during years 1958-1980`s.

Mr Christoph Koch, living in Wuppertal in Germany donated this material collected by his father, Mr Ludwig (Lutz) Koch, born 13th of December 1925, died on 19th of July 2004. Lutz was an enthusiastic motorcyclist, photographer, a fan and supporter of WIMA, attending several WIMA Rallies.

See a letter from Mr. Koch's son in German  and in in English.

A part of the photos are available on wimaworld.com and more to come as we have time to scan everything. Some of the photos were presented in Austria during WIMA International rally. Check out photos here.